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Lazy Nanny is a 3D shooter game made in a game jam. You play as a Daycare worker who tries to prevent the babies from getting harmed by the electrical plugs located in each corner of the room or even  from fighting themselves to death, by staying in your chair because, well... “walking sucks, duh”. You will eventually get a great score if you are good with shooting living things with… some ball I guess?

- 3D Game Low Poly

 - Shoot the babies but beware their different behaviors !

- Prevent them from getting hurt by electrical plugs and from fighting

- Increase your score as much as possible 

- Don’t forget : Nobody puts Baby in a corner !

Game Design : Baptiste Barreyre - Mathis Phan - Anton PHILIPPE

Game Prog : Antoine Dirion - Paul Leduc - Jean-Michel Giverne

Game Art : Yoan Agostini - Sébastien Rioux

Producing : Nicolas Villard - Marie Coubronne


LazyNanny.zip 31 MB

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