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Be the god of your own world helping factions build their kingdoms by placing towns and villages side by side to form cities to earn points but beware of overpopulation because the world is small !


We are a group of 7 students at Institute of Internet and Multimedia (IIM) in the Video game production section. The constraints we had for this project were that it had to be completed in a month, on mobile phone, and it must be a logic, hard casual game.

Game Programming : Enzo Gut, Franci Algera, Paul Putegnat

Game Art : Florian Bécavin

Game Design : Anton PHILIPPE, Maxime Soupre, Jeremy De Fremont

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Tags2D, Casual, Chicken, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Unity

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Candy Crush ? Non non non... Summum, oui.

Merge Dragon ? Non non non... Summum, oui.